Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sunshine and Warm Breezes

       Welcome to the Brae-ers Blog Hop for March. This blog is circular in nature so if you came from Carol Taggio's blog, then you are in the right place. 
        This month we are focusing on artwork that tells us something about sunshine and warm breezes.  After the winter that we are just about at the end of, many of us are so ready for the warm breezes and sunshine that will soon be coming our way. I for one cannot wait for the trees to bud and the flowers to pop out of the ground with their brilliant show of color.  But even more I cannot wait for the warm breezes off the lake and the brilliant sunsets to come again.  That would be the perfect day for me.
        I chose to reflect that in my scrapbook page - a very simple, totally cardstock, layout that came together so quickly.  I love that it was finished in 1 hour.  Usually I do fussy layouts that take an evening or two to put together (I am slow and very particular with my layouts).  The fussiest part of this layout was to make the template for cutting the strips of paper for the sunrays.
       I decided to add another pop of color to the layout and chose to use the Skylark textiles for that.  I pleated it for extra texture, then placed it in a random curve on the page.  I then used washi tape to make sure that the textile would stay on the page and put Durables Triangle Studs on to draw the eye across the page.  I also added Sparkles Black Flourishes and some black Sparkles to my page to bring some drama to it. 
        One of my new favourites are the little M series stamps.  They are inexpensive and just add a lot of flair to artwork.  I used this little M stamp for my title - perfect DAY - just enough to add a simple but effective title to my page.
       I hope you enjoyed the art I have to show you.  Now hop on to  Alyson's blog and see what creativity she has to show us.   Enjoy the rest of the hop and we hope to see you again next month when we will feature some of our "Favourite Things" for you.    If you get lost along the way go back to Brae's blog where she will have a list of all the participating bloggers.  By the way, please leave a comment on my blog; I appreciate the feedback.
Have a wonderful day, looking forward to spring and some more of those perfect DAYS!!


  1. Beautiful picture Lucy! Love that sunburst!

  2. I love the picture!! the paper
    sun rays are awesome and I also love the flourish!!

  3. Great layout, I love it's simplicity.

  4. Love your rays of sunshine it really helps to focus on your gorgeous photo. The black pops of colour really add the sparkle to the page.

  5. Wow! Such a simple photo and a basic layout that absolutely captures the viewer's attention in so many ways, from the random curve of the textile to the small clusters of embellishments. Nothing is missing and everything is perfect - just like it always is in every piece of art that you produce. Congratulations on an awesome page :)