Friday, March 30, 2012

Another 'Beautiful Friendship' Card

This is another take on the "Beautiful Friendship" stamp set.  For this card I used the 'Lucy' paper (my favourite ---I wonder why??), Colonial white Cardstock, Smoothie ribbon and ink, Sunflower ink, Sweet leaf ink, and Grey wool ink.  I did a sanding technique on the front medallion, before stamping on the word 'Friends', then added three AP roses to the front.  All were touched with a few drops of Glitter Glue and a mocha pearl opaque in the centre. A tendril of mini pearl opaques finishes off the front. 
The inside of the card was done with 2nd generation sweet leaf ink and grey wool.
 I enjoyed the process of this card - I hope you enjoy it too. Have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Card using Pemberley, Card Word Puzzle and Beautiful Friendship

I made this card for our team meeting last night.  I started out to do something totally different and this is what evolved from that process.  I was quite happy with the results, and love what you can do with markers and the water pen.
I used the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge to create the base and the yellow layer of the card.  The base was cut at 5.5" - rectangle 8 and the layer was cut at 2.5" - rectangle 8 as well.

The flower is from the Card Word Puzzle and is stamped on Colonial White cardstock with Desert Sand Ink.  The centre of the flower is done with CTMH's Liquid Applique mixed with a drop of Sunflower Re-Inker and dabbed onto the stamens with a toothpick.  The heatgun makes it all puffy and look like real stamens.

The flowers(from Card Word Puzzle)  inside the card are done with markers - Vanilla Cream, Crystal Blue, Twilight and Olive,  I used the water pen to give them a watercolour look.  It helps to blend the colours and give the flowers a much softer look.  You could also use the blending pen and ink pads to get somewhat the same look, but I like to try different tools to get the look I am after.
 The sentiments are from the Beautiful Friendship stamp set.
That is my art for today. I hope you enjoy it.  Have a great day and be sure to include a chat with a friend to make it a beautiful day!!!